Anacostia Community Museum Library

The Anacostia Community Museum Library supports the mission of the Anacostia Community Museum: Together with local communities, the Anacostia Community Museum illuminates and amplifies our collective power. As our neighborhoods undergo social, economic, and environmental changes that individuals alone cannot address, there is a need for communities to bring together their combined knowledge and strengths. As a museum that convenes people and ideas, ACM documents and preserves communities’ memories, struggles, and successes, and offers a platform where diverse voices and cultures can be heard. We believe that bridging disparate parts of our communities can bring collective action to bear on forging a better future together. One of 21 branch libraries in the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives system, this branch supports the research, exhibitions, and public programs of the Anacostia Museum and other museums and offices within the Smithsonian and the larger scholarly community. This collection was organized as part of the "Smithsonian Institution Libraries" in 1991.

Chuck Brown (1936-2012) interview in the Anacostia Library


The Anacostia Museum Branch Library has over 8,000 books, and close to 100 periodical titles in various formats.

It actively collects materials relating to the preservation of family and community history through education, advocacy, and documentation.

The Library welcomes donations of relevant newsletters, calendars, press releases, and special-event mailings. The library organizes this diverse information and acts as a clearinghouse to ensure that such information is readily available for the library users.

Our new focus is community museology, urban communities, issues that impact urban communities, and the people who reside in urban communities.