Latin American Street Food

Latin American Street Food
by Sandra A. Gutierrez
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Daniel Campos
on June 25, 2019
Latin American Street Food, cover

Latin American street food : the best flavors of markets, beaches, & roadside stands from Mexico to Argentina

By Sandra A. Gutierrez. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2013.

This cookbook (a textbook published by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) features beautiful, color, glossy, life-sized photos on every other page. Each food photograph glistens and drips with food juices, and you can almost see the steam rising off the pages of the book. Just as stated in the subtitle, this book contains recipes for the food you might find in "markets, [on] beaches, and [at] roadside stands" in Central America, the Caribbean, and in South America. These recipes are not only delicious to look at, but give the reader a deeper look into everyday life in Latin America. The author is a culinary instructor from Guatemala. Recipes include tricolor tostadas from Guatemala, pork burgers from the Dominican Republic, and a steak and cheese sandwich from Chile.

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