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Beretning om Corvetten Galathea's Reise omkring Jorden 1845, 46, og 47.   (3 vols.)

Beretning om Corvetten Galathea's Reise Omkring Jorden 1845, 46 og 47

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The Galathea expedition was Denmark's first circumnavigation, carrying naturalists and artists who collected plants, animals, and ethnographic artifacts along a route that included India, the Nicobar Islands, Java, China, Hawaii, and several parts of South America. This official account by the...Read More
Nat Geo_cover

The National Geographic Magazine

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This is a bound volume of the first 9 issues of the famous magazine, published only nine months after the National Geographic Society was founded in 1888. Stories range from Surveys of the Coast and Massachusetts, to the state of Africa in 1889; Rivers and valleys of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, to...Read More
Map of Ireland from Nouvel Atlas Portatif, with Annotations

Nouvel Atlas Portatif

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Didier Robert de Vaugondy (1723–1786), appointed geographer of King Louis XV in 1760, created this atlas to educate young students in the basic elements of geography. With his father, Gilles Robert de Vaugondy (1688–1766), he published one of the key atlases of the century called The...Read More
Sinking of the "Titanic"

Sinking of The "Titanic"

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How fast could you write a 300 page book? Sensationalist journalist Jay Henry Mowbray turned out this edition of Sinking of The "Titanic" (complete with illustrations and ready for sale) by May 11, 1912, less than one month after the ship struck that infamous iceberg. Speed puts this book into...Read More
Titanic Tragedy

Titanic Tragedy

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A maritime historian, the author (who passed away in 2015 at age 85) gave annual lectures aboard cruise ships. He was a United States Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War, and his expertise comes across in his writing. This book is quite clearly written by someone who is extremely...Read More

Titanic: the Death and Life of a Legend

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The author passed away at the age of 81, seven years before this book was published. The Titanic (which was a royal mail ship, along with being a luxury liner) famously sank in April 1912. This book was published in 2012, marking the 100th anniversary of the maritime disaster. It is a historic...Read More