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Don Phelippe por la Gracia de Dios Rey

Preserve for the Future - $5,100
This is a brilliant example of an early 17th-century Spanish petition relating to nobility, similar in style to examples from Granada. The rank of Baron is signified by the five helmet bars in the crest on the coat of arms full-page miniature. To the left is another full-page miniature, likely of...Read More
Physica experimentalis.

Physica Experimentalis

Preserve for the Future - $1,050
A compilation of physics-related knowledge from the late 18th century, this text by Augustino A. Messano was likely penned by the scribe, Petrus ab Albavilla. Little is known about Messano or his scribe. Bound with the hundreds of pages of text are 15 illustrations, engraved by the Italian wood-...Read More