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All That Glitters

All That Glitters

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Learn more about the history of metallurgy! All That Glitters features a selection of 43 scholarly articles on topics ranging from metallurgy to mining, which originally appeared in the Bulletin of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Accompanying the articles on metallurgy are...Read More
The Assay of Gold and Silver Wares, spine

The Assay of Gold and Silver Wares

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Printed by John Edward Taylor in 1852, Arthur Ryland’s (1807-1877) Assay of Gold and Silver Wares provides insight on the development of legislative practices designed to protect and regulate the assaying and minting of gold and silver coinage—or to fight against the practice of counterfeiting....Read More
New Process of Amalgamation of Gold and Silver Ores, title page

Baron Inigo Born's New Process of Amalgamation of Gold and Silver Ores

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A new process for refining gold and silver from various ores is described for the first time in English in this text. The amalgamation process was invented by Baron Ignaz Edler von Born (aka Inigo Born), and after a trial of the process was conducted in front of observers in Schemnitz,...Read More
Gold Fever and the Art of Panning and Sluicing, cover

Gold Fever and the Art of Panning and Sluicing

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Lois DeLorenzo gets down and dirty when explaining how to search for gold in the wilderness of North America. Her text and detailed drawings include information on how to assess whether an area is likely to contain gold deposits and how to build the tools necessary for panning and sluicing....Read More
Cover, Official guide: California Pacific International Exposition.

Official Guide: California Pacific International Exposition

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The bright California Pacific International Exposition of 1935 was dubbed "America's Exposition" for its concentration on American themes and products on display, particularly those of the local area of San Diego and southern California. There was the Gold Gulch exhibition, bringing the feel...Read More
The Plate Glass Book; partially legible inscription from the book’s initial owner, dated 1864.

The Plate-Glass-Book

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Published in 1758, this rare work consists of numerous tables providing pricing and manufacturing techniques on a wide range of goods. In the first part, there is extensive information on the production of plate glass and mirrors, including instructions on grinding and polishing glass, re-purposing...Read More
Cover of Practical Gold-Mining

Practical Gold-Mining

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Imagine that you are a Victorian gentleman with a reasonable income and a mid-life crisis. You hear about a gold strike somewhere in the far corners of the earth (to you, at least). In hopes of turning your bourgeois into gorgeois, you pack up your things and say "Toodle-oo" to the missus. What’s...Read More
The Story of Metals, cover

The Story of Metals

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Searching for a book on the history of metals? Then look no further than John Wadsworth William Sullivan’s The Story of Metals. Published in 1951 by the American Society of Metals as part of the Series for Self-Education, The Story of Metals offers an accessible glimpse into the evolution of the...Read More