Unbound and Unbroken

Cover of Unbound and Unbroken
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Location: Anacostia Community Museum Library

Unbound and unbroken : the story of Frederick Douglass

By Amos Esty. Greensboro, NC: Morgan Reynolds Pub., c2011.

This book is a treasure trove of color portraits and photographs depicting the life of Frederick Douglass. It is an inspiring work of art divided into ten chapters tracing the highlights of his life from slavery to full citizenship. Because it was published recently, the back of the book offers useful websites after the bibliography. Especially poignant is the image on the title page verso of a ball and chain being broken at the shackles, a very fitting image for this great man's life. Douglass not only escaped his chains, but went on to shatter them, along with the negative perceptions of freed slaves in America.

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