Accordion books come in many shapes and sizes, but they all zig and zag.  You’d be surprised at the variety of ways paper can be folded or cut to create pages—back-to-back, tunnels, cut-outs, pop-ups.  The artwork or text can be placed on both the front and back of the pages.  Look at one side, see one thing.  Look at the backside, see a different set of images.  So much to discover.

Zigzag books can be set on their bottom edge or laid on their backsides.  Either way you can squeeze and stretch the pages, like an accordion.

Peter Clarke
Ocean View, South Africa, 2005-2006
Blake J. Nolan in collaboration with Matt Cohen and Sher Zabaszkiewicz
Pajaro, CA: C & C Press Artist’s Book, 2008
Atta Kwami
London, 1993