Kathryn Turner Diversity & Technology Internship

This program is temporarily on hold.  See our 50th Anniversary Internships for Summer 2021 opportunities. 

The Kathryn Turner Diversity and Technology Internship is a full-time, 10-week program that allows a student enrolled in a Historically Black College or University with a background in computer science to sharpen skills and gain real world experience in the largest museum library system in the world.

The intern will learn and gain experience in a production environment with all the complexities it contains. The intern will have the opportunity to learn about working with diverse systems with legacy datasets and will also be able to collaborate side-by-side with experienced professionals.

The ideal intern will be a junior or senior undergraduate computer science or information systems major with classroom experience in programming, and optionally databases. The student should be enrolled in, or have recently graduated from, a Historically Black College or University.