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Geopelia Cuneata, Graceful ground Dove. Geopelia Tranquilla, Peaceful ground Dove.

Lithograph includes Diamond Dove

Lithograph includes Little Grass Bird, Lark, and Reed Warbler

Nyroca Australis, White eyed Duck.

Lithograph of a hardhead duck

Podiceps Australis ...

Lithograph of a species of bird in the grebe family

Astur Novae Hollandiae. New Holland Goshawk

Lithograph of Australian goshawk

Corvus Coronoides, White-eyed Crow

Lithograph of Australian Raven

Bernicla Jubata, Maned Goose

Lithograph of Australian Wood Duck

Buteo Melanosternon. Black-breasted Buzzard

Lithograph of Black-breasted Buzzard

Entomyza Cyanotis, Blue faced Entomyza. E. Albipennis, White-pinioned Honey-eater

Lithograph of Blue-faced Honeyeater, White-pinioned Honeyeater

Macropygia Phasianella, Pheasant tailed Pigeon

Lithograph of Brown Cuckoo-Dove

Synoicus Chikensis, ... Swamp Quail. Synoicus Australis, Swamp Quail.

Lithograph of Brown Quail or Swamp Quail

Tanysiptera Sylvia ...

Lithograph of Buff-breasted Paradise-kingfisher

Cracticus Nigrogularis, Blackthroated Crow Shrike. Cracticus Destructor, Butcher Bird.

Lithograph of butcherbirds

Casuarius Johnsonii, Johnson' Cassowary

Lithograph of Cassowary

Scythrops Novae Hollandiae, Channel Bill Cuckoo

Lithograph of Channel-billed Cuckoo

Calyptorhynchus Leachii, Leachs' Cockatoo

Lithograph of cockatoo

Cacatua Eos ...

Lithograph of cockatoo

Nymphicus Novae Hollandiae, Cockatoo Parrakeet

Lithograph of cockatoo

Numenius Australis, Australian Curlew

Lithograph of curlew

Plotus Novae Hollandiae, New Holland Darter

Lithograph of darter

Plotus Novae Hollandiae, New Holland Darter

Lithograph of darter

Herodias Plumiferus, Plumed Egret

Lithograph of egret or heron

Eurystomus Australis. Australian Roller

Lithograph of Eurystomus, a genus of the roller

Sphecotheres Australis, Australian Sphecotheres. Sphecotheres Flaviventris, Yellow bellied Sphecotheres

Lithograph of figbirds, a genus of orioles

Lithograph of finches

Ptilotis, Honey Eaters

Lithograph of five honeyeater species

Monarcha. M. Trivirgata, Black fronted Fly-catcher. M. Leucotis, White eared fly-catcher. M. Carinata, Carinated fly-catcher.

Lithograph of flycatchers

... Yellow breasted Fly-catcher ... Blue shining Fly-catcher, Siezura Inquieta, Restless Fly-catcher

Lithograph of four flycatchers

Limosa Uropygialis, Barred rumped Godwit

Lithograph of godwit

Lithograph of Ground Parakeet

Lithograph of honeyeater species

Threskiornis Strictipennis, White Ibis

Lithograph of ibis

Falcinellus Igneus, Glossy Ibis

Lithograph of ibis

Eudromias Australis, Australian Dottrel. Erythrogonys Cinctus, Banded Red knee

Lithograph of Inland Dotterel and Red-kneed Dotterel

Caprimulgus Macrurus. Large-tailed Goatsucker

Lithograph of Large-tailed Nightjar

Cacatua Leadbeateri, Leadbeater's Cockatoo

Lithograph of Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, or Pink Cockatoo

Biziura Lobata, Musk Duck

Lithograph of Musk Duck

Aegotheles Novae Hollandiae. Owlet Night Jar

Lithograph of Owlet-nightjar

Parda Lotus

Lithograph of pardalotes or peep-wrens


Lithograph of passeriform birds, or thornbills

Malacorhynchus Membranaceus, Membranaceous Duck

Lithograph of Pink-eared Duck

Pitta Macklotii, Blue banded Pitta.

Lithograph of pitta

Pedionomus Torquatus, Collared Plain wanderer. Coturnix Pectoralis, Pectoral Quail.

Lithograph of Plains-wanderer and Stubble Quail

Dendrocynoa Eytoni, Eyton's Tree Duck. D. Arcuata, Whistling Tree Duck.

Lithograph of Plumed Whistling Duck and Wandering Whistling Duck

Athene Strenua. Powerful Owl

Lithograph of Powerful Owl

Polytelis Alexandrae

Lithograph of Princess Parrot

Tadornah Radjah, Radjah Shieldrake

Lithograph of Raja Shelduck or Burdekin Duck

Ptilonorhynchus Rawnsleyi

Lithograph of Rawnsley's Bowerbird

Sericulus Chrysocephalus, Regent Bird

Lithograph of Regent Bowerbird

Lithograph of robins