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Scene in Belle Isle Park, Detroit

Scene in Belle Isle Park, Detroit

Seed warehouse, fruits and vegetables from Benson Maule and co. reliable seeds, 1883

Strawberries from Burpee's farm annual: garden, farm, and flower seeds

Swallows, fruits, and vegetables from Cole's garden annual

Sweepstakes to name the new squash from Catalogue of home grown seeds

Sweet peas and Japanese morning glories from Vegetable, grass and flower seeds, 1898

Sweet peas from Cole's garden annual

Sweet peas from D. M. Ferry & Co. seed annual

Sweet peas from Perry Seed Store annual catalogue, 1896

Sweet peas from Special advertisement of Burpee's seeds, 1893

Sweet peas from Unique list of the best seeds that grow, 1898

Sweet peas from Vick's little gem catalogue, 1899

Sweet peas from Wm. Henry Maule seed catalogue

Sweet potato and corn from Huntington & Page tested seeds, 1898

The $1600 Tomato

The $1600 Tomato from Maule's seed catalogue for 1887

The famous Rocky Ford melon

The famous Rocky Ford melon from Burpee's new annual, 1910

The wonderful Freeman potato

The wonderful Freeman potato from Illustrated catalogue of seeds and implements, 1894

Tomato and watermelon from Wholesale catalogue of vegetable seeds for market gardeners and truckers

Tomatoes from Annual true blue seeds, 1894

Tomatoes from Harden Seed co. garden flower and farm seeds, 1916

Two hardy climbing roses

Two hardy climbing roses

Various vegetables and fruits from John A. Salzer Seed Co.'s abridged catalogue of plants, seeds and tools, spring 1911

Various vegetables and fruits from Seed catalogue and garden guide

Various vegetables from A. W. Livingston's sons seed annual, 1898

Various vegetables from Catalogue of choice seeds, 1898

Various vegetables from Garden & farm manual

Various vegetables from Garden manual for the Southern states

Various vegetables from Garden, field & flower seeds, 1896

Vegetables and flowers from D. M. Ferry & Co. seed annual, 1878

Watermelon, corn, lettuce, and tomatoes from Cole's garden annual

Woman and children pick tomatoes from Annual of true blue seeds, 1894