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Roses, nurseries, and Charles Dingee

Roses, rainbow and waterfall from Wilson's 16 annual price list and catalogue

Roses: Star of gold, Pres. Carnot, Enchantress, Princess Bonnie from Floral treasures

Santa displays

Scene in Belle Isle Park, Detroit

Scene in Belle Isle Park, Detroit

Screens [414];

Screens [418]; occasional tables [419];

Seed warehouse, fruits and vegetables from Benson Maule and co. reliable seeds, 1883


Settees [305]; Chairs -- side chairs [308]





Silk, Satin and Gros Grain Ribbon

Silk, Satin and Gros Grain Ribbon


Strawberries from Burpee's farm annual: garden, farm, and flower seeds

Strawberries from Nanz & Neuner, inc. floral catalogue

Strawberries, peaches, and plums from Catalogue of money making strawberry and all small fruit plants

Strawberry musk melon, spot cash tomato, chief cauliflower from H. W. Buckbee seed and plant guide, 1899

streamers and cut-outs

Studebaker proving ground, 1931

styrofoam ornaments


Suites; Armchairs [211]; Side chairs [212]

Suites; Chairs -- Armchairs [306]; Chairs -- side chairs [307]

Suites; Chairs -- Armchairs [359, 361]; Ottoman footstools [360]

Suites; Settees [213]

Suites; Settees; Chairs -- armchairs

Suites; Sofas [421a];Chairs -- armchairs [421]

Suites; Sofas; Chairs -- armchairs; Chairs -- side chairs

Summer flowering bulbs and lilies

Summer flowering bulbs and lilies from Illustrated catalogue of everything for flower and vegetable garden

Support furniture --easels; chairs-- folding chairs

Swallows, fruits, and vegetables from Cole's garden annual

Sweepstakes to name the new squash from Catalogue of home grown seeds

Sweet pea, Aster, Nasturtium, Dianthus flowers from Trade catalogue of flowers and garden seeds, 1898

Sweet peas and Japanese morning glories from Vegetable, grass and flower seeds, 1898

Sweet peas and pansies from C. E. Allen plant and seed guide

Sweet peas and roamer roses from Complete catalogue of famous seeds, plants, bulbs etc., 1898

Sweet peas and roses from Alneer Brothers seed & plant catalogue

Sweet peas from Cole's garden annual

Sweet peas from D. M. Ferry & Co. seed annual

Sweet peas from Flowers from seeds

Sweet peas from Manual of everything for the garden, 1896

Sweet peas from Perry Seed Store annual catalogue, 1896

Sweet peas from Special advertisement of Burpee's seeds, 1893

Sweet peas from Unique list of the best seeds that grow, 1898

Sweet peas from Vick's little gem catalogue, 1899

Sweet peas from Wm. Henry Maule seed catalogue


Cover of Supplementary catalogue of the Branford Lock Works

Supplementary catalogue of the Branford Lock Works