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a boy in breeches and high waistcoat draws on the floor with a quill. the alphabet is behind him written on a horizontal scroll

Art & Artist Files in the Smithsonian Libraries' Collections

The Smithsonian Libraries' Art and Artist Files are an exceptionally valuable resource for art historical research done on emerging regional and local artists and often are the only obtainable sources of information on those artists. Spread over seven branches, the art and artist files contain information on artists and art collectives, galleries, and museums from around the world, but primarily from North America and Africa.

image showing the spines of the print version of TL-2

Taxonomic Literature 2 online

TL-2 is the premier publication of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT).  In its print form, TL-2 is a 15 volume guide to the literature of systematic botany published between 1753 and 1940. TL-2 is the standard by which authors' names and titles should be abbreviated in works on systematic botany. The online version is searchable by keyword, author name, title number, author name abbreviation, or title abbreviation.