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Index Animalium

Index Animalium

Sherborn's Index Animalium is a compendium of zoological taxonomic species nomenclature from 1758 to 1850. For each species described in this period it clearly lists the genus name, author, publication, pages, and date. A crucial tool for taxonomists, Index Animalium contains references to over 400,000 names compiled from early taxonomic literature.

Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web

Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web

Library and Archival exhibitions on the Web features links to over 2,500 online exhibitions sponsored by libraries, archives, and manuscript collections from around the world. Search for exhibitions by keywords in titles, subjects, and/or institutional names. "Editor's Pick," Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (August 2010).

Modern African Art-  A Basic Reading List

Modern African Art: A Basic Reading List

Modern African Art: A Basic Reading List" is an Internet version of a bibliography that was originally compiled in 1990 and is being updated continually. This reading list is intended to dispel the notion that nothing has been published on modern African art. It consists primarily of books and exhibition catalogs.

Monographs on African Artists- An Annotated Bibliography

Monographs on African Artists: An Annotated Bibliography

This bibliography is limited to substantive monographs and exhibition catalogs about 20th-21st century African artists. Focusing on a single artist, these texts are usually written by a scholar or critic who has conducted art historical research on the artist and/or who has gathered for publication a wide range of images of the artist's work. It also includes autobiographical writings by artists.

image showing the spines of the print version of TL-2

Taxonomic Literature 2 online

TL-2 is the premier publication of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT).  In its print form, TL-2 is a 15 volume guide to the literature of systematic botany published between 1753 and 1940. TL-2 is the standard by which authors' names and titles should be abbreviated in works on systematic botany. The online version is searchable by keyword, author name, title number, author name abbreviation, or title abbreviation. 

Cover of Columbia bicycle catalog, 1912, showing a woman kneeling painting the words Columbia while crowning a bicycle with a laurel wreath.

Trade Literature Collection

The trade literature collection of the Smithsonian is internationally known as an important source for the history of American business, technology, marketing, consumption, and design. Manufacturers issued trade catalogs to promote and sell their products. The present collection contains more than 500,000 catalogs, technical manuals, advertising brochures, price lists, company histories and related materials representing more than 30,000 companies. The Smithsonian Libraries acquires trade literature through gifts and purchases.