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A Jules Verne Centennial- 1905 - 2005

A Jules Verne Centennial: 1905 - 2005

The Smithsonian Institution Libraries is fortunate to have a few early editions of Verne's works with the original engraved illustrations which made his works so popular.

Doodles, Drafts & Designs- Industrial Drawings from the Smithsonian

Doodles, Drafts & Designs: Industrial Drawings from the Smithsonian

How do ideas evolve into reality? Doodles, Drafts, and Designs: Industrial Drawings from the Smithsonian offers a fascinating glimpse into inventors' sketchbooks, engineers' mechanical drawings, and architects' renderings from the 1830s to the 1990s, to show the origins of some of the most familiar sites and devices of modern-day life.

Hull of a wooden ship being carried by one large balloon and many smaller balloons filled with people on the deck and dressed in 19th formal clothing.

Fantastic Worlds

Travel with us to the surface of the moon, the center of the earth, and the depths of the ocean — to the fantastic worlds of fiction inspired by 19th-century discovery and invention. Now open at the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

Cover of The Scientific Shop showing a microscope

Instruments for Science

Underwater Web- Cabling the Seas

Underwater Web: Cabling the Seas

A century and a half ago, the world suddenly became smaller when an underwater telegraph cable joined two nations divided by the sea. From that first link, a vast web spread across the globe.