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Most records include the product type (chandeliers, brackets, table lamps, etc.) and a Caldwell account number (C, A, or K prefix followed by a 6 digit number - C004256, A012732). Select records also include client, architect, and location.

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All images have been assigned a product type – chandeliers, table lamps, furniture, etc. These terms were selected using the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT). Caldwell & Co. also organized their photographs and drawings by similar categories. The terms that had no equivalent in the AAT, such as Modern Ceiling Fixtures and Crystal Chandeliers, were maintained and are searchable.

Select records include a client name that was derived from the Caldwell account books. These represent only a small fraction of their clientele.

Select records include a project title that was derived from the Caldwell account books. These represent only a small fraction of their projects.

Select records include an architect(s) that was derived from the Caldwell account books. These represent only a small fraction of the architects they worked with.

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Browse the Caldwell & Co. binders as they appeared in their original format, organized by product type. Binders are being added on an ongoing basis.


Below are Caldwell account number ranges and their corresponding date ranges. This information was derived from the Caldwell account books. Dates included with project information reflect the dates from the account books and they are not always the same date as the building’s construction. Light fixtures were ordered before and after the completion of a building and during renovations.


C007400 – C012494 January 1900 – October 1902
C012495 – C016729 November 1902 – September 1904
C016730 – C017325, A000001 – A004600 September 1904 – August 1906
A004601 – A009600 August 1906 – June 1908
A009601 – A014600 July 1908 – February 1910
A014601 – A019620 February 1910 – October 1911
A019621 – A024600 October 1911 – May 1913
A024601 – A029600 May 1913 – December 1914
A029601 – A034600 December 1914 – February 1916
A034601 – A039600 February 1916 – April 1917
A039601 – A044600 April 1917 – June 1918
A044601 – A049600 June 1918 – May 1920
A049601 – A054600 May 1920 – January 1922
A054601 – A059600 August 1923 – April 1925
A059601 – A064600 April 1925 – November 1926
A064601 – A069600 November 1926 – May 1928
A069601 – A074600 May 1928 – October 1929
A074601 – A079600 October 1929 – January 1931
A079601 – A084600 January 1931 – January 1932
A084601 – A089600 January 1932 – June 1932
A089601 – A094600 June 1932 – March 1935
A094601 – A100000 March 1935 – December 1937
K000501 – K005500 January 1938 – May 1941


Please Note: Caldwell project information was gathered from the Caldwell account books and on rare occasions may differ from the actual production of a piece and/or the client transaction. When possible, the information was verified with historic and contemporary sources.