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The American Woman's Home

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This manual on homemaking, an important handbook for a 19th century homemaker, was co-written by the Beecher sisters (as in Harriet Beecher Stowe of Uncle Tom's Cabin fame). By creating this manual, the authors were hoping to provide professional level instruction to women running a servant...Read More
Cover of Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., millers of rice since 1902

Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., Millers of Rice Since 1902

Preserve for the Future - $350
This promotional recipe booklet is a striking adverstisment for White House Cereals.  Most likely published in the late 1930's, the front cover is fashioned as a 3-D commercial food carton while the back cover displays their full product line.  Bright yellow and die-cut, this booklet was...Read More
Cooking the Gullah Way

Cooking the Gullah Way, Morning, Noon, and Night

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Mrs. Sallie Ann Robinson is the Gullah Diva chef. Raised in South Carolina Gullah country on an island only accessible by boat, she is used to eating what can easily be farmed, hunted, or caught. At about one hundred fifty pages, this cookbook is divided into three sections: morning, noon, and...Read More
Title page and page 1 of the "Bartender's guide" about how to mix drinks

How to Mix Drinks

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Collecting and standardizing what had been until then a hodge-podge of oral traditions and regional customs, this was the first recipe book for mixed drinks published in the United States.  Jeremiah Thomas (1830-1885) was a bartender who owned various saloons in New York City and worked...Read More
Cover of La Nouvelle Cuisine

La Nouvelle Cuisine

Preserve for the Future - $1,300
An early edition of the first treaty of gastronomy by Menon. The title of this volume translates to: New treaty of the kitchen, with new designs for tables and twenty-four menus. The book contains 24 menus and about a thousand recipes, and is illustrated with 12 boards representing oval,...Read More
Cover of Pig Tails, showing traditional Caribbean produce.

Pig Tails 'n Breadfruit

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This book is roughly the size of your hand, but bubbling over with delicious recipes. Although there are no illustrations, the author uses words to paint a picture of mouth watering dishes from Barbados (British Caribbean island). In seventeen chapters and over 200 pages, the...Read More
Cover of The Royal No. 10 cook book

The Royal No.10 Cook Book

Preserve for the Future - $550
The Adath Joseph Sisterhood of St. Joseph, Missouri was a Jewish Ladies Auxilary in the nation's breadbasket.  This recipe compilation is undated, but based on the Arts & Crafts design on the cover, printing fonts, and presence of vintage Schlitz and Budweiser beer ads, we can assume The...Read More