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Cover of Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., millers of rice since 1902

Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., Millers of Rice Since 1902

Preserve for the Future - $350
This promotional recipe booklet is a striking adverstisment for White House Cereals.  Most likely published in the late 1930's, the front cover is fashioned as a 3-D commercial food carton while the back cover displays their full product line.  Bright yellow and die-cut, this booklet was...Read More
Portrait of Dr. Chase

Dr. Chase's Recipes, or, Information for Everybody

Build and Access the Collection - $350
Alvin Wood Chase (1817-1885) was a travelling physician, salesman, author, and self-made man. He dispensed remedies all over America during the late nineteenth century, collecting recipes and domestic tips from the people he met along the way. His self-published books became celebrated U.S....Read More
Title page and page 1 of the "Bartender's guide" about how to mix drinks

How to Mix Drinks

Build and Access the Collection - $3,000
Collecting and standardizing what had been until then a hodge-podge of oral traditions and regional customs, this was the first recipe book for mixed drinks published in the United States.  Jeremiah Thomas (1830-1885) was a bartender who owned various saloons in New York City and worked...Read More
Cover of Joyce Chen Cook Book

Joyce Chen Cook Book

Build and Access the Collection - $300
In late 1966, a new show made its debut on public television – Joyce Chen Cooks. It was the first nationally syndicated cooking show in America hosted by a woman of color, and it was filmed on the same set as Julia Child's well-known show, The French Chef. For many viewers, Joyce Chen Cooks...Read More