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50 Most Influential Black Films

The 50 Most Influential Black Films

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The 50 Most Influential Black Films is an introspective study of the black image in motion pictures from the late-19th century through the 20th century. Its chapters are organized by decades, starting with silent films and continuing through independent films of the 1990s. Each chapter begins with...Read More
Cover of Brown Gold

Brown Gold

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Brown Gold traces the development of African American children’s literature from the 1870s to the 2000s. The book includes literary criticism and pedagogy, as well as literary history and cultural analysis. The author discusses the use and impact of racial terms such as Afro, Negro, African...Read More
Dineh Bizad, Navajo, his Language title page

Dineh Bizad, Navaho, His Language

Preserve for the Future - $450
This small 4 x 6 inch handbook written by Presbyterian missionary Frederick G Mitchel is  “ . .  the fruit of a sincere desire to help those who seek a working knowledge of the Navaho language.”   It includes an alphabet with English sound words, conjugated verbs, an English-...Read More
Family education and government- a discourse in the Choctaw language.

Family Education and Government

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North American Indian languages have been a strong research interest at the Smithsonian Institution virtually since its founding.  SI Libraries holds about 20 published texts in Choctaw – primarily grammars, glossaries, and translations of the Bible. This work is particularly interesting in...Read More
Less Than Nothing - cover

Less Than Nothing

Build and Access the Collection - $2,500
“Is somnia a chronic condition with you?” Early in his career American author E. B. White (1899-1985), now best known for Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web, wrote his first book anonymously for The New Yorker magazine just two years after its founding. Published as a giveaway to subscribers and...Read More
Title page of Le Micromegas

Le Micromegas

Build and Access the Collection - $2,500
This very rare copy of the second edition from 1752 was once owned by rocket scientist Frederick Ordway III, spaceflight visionary and consultant on Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, this work of fiction by Voltaire is a work akin to Gulliver's Travels, but set in outer space. In this...Read More
Nvgvmouinvn gevnvngvmouat igiu anishinabeg anvmiajig.

Nvgvmouinvn Genvnvgvmouat Igiu Anishinabeg Anvmiajig

Build and Access the Collection - $995
Smithsonian Libraries has a premiere collection of published works on Native American languages.  As Christian missionaries were often the first to make extended contact with native cultures and to devise a written alphabet for the native languages, many of the earliest works take the...Read More
Title Page of Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral.

Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral

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This 1773 collection of poems was the only edition of Phillis Wheatley's work printed in her lifetime. Wheatley was first brought to the United States at age 7 or 8 to be sold into slavery. She was purchased by John Wheatley of Boston and taught to read and write. Having been tutored in the...Read More

Sancocho: Stories and Sketches of Panama

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This is a charming miscellany of sketches about Panamanian life by local authors, including Guillermo Andreve, Mario Marin Mirones, Samuel Lewis, Santiago McKay, Salomon Ponce Aguilera, Jose Huerta, Octavio Mendez Pereira, and Nacho Valdes. The quintessential comfort meal, the titular Sancocho, is...Read More
The stamp-fiends' raid

The Stamp-Fiends' Raid

Preserve for the Future - $650
This is a humourous classic donated by the late philatelist George Townsend Turner, a Smithsonian curator. During his lifetime, George Turner had the largest private philatelic library in the world. The illustrations, called 'perpetrations,' are drawings rendered by the author and are...Read More