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Catalogue d'une tres-belle collection des objets de troise regnes de la nature...

Catalogue d'une tres-belle collection des objets de troise regnes de la nature...

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This is the auction catalogue of one of the most impressive private collections of natural-history specimens ever formed. Pasquay (1719-77) was a physician in Frankfurt and privy councilor of Anhalt-Dessau; he formed the collection over many years, assembling more than 9000 specimens of minerals,...Read More
Catalogus variorum exoticorum rarissimorum maximam partem incognitorum et nullibi...

Catalogus Variorum Exoticorum Rarissimorum Maximam Partem Incognitorum et Nullibi...

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This is an extremely rare catalogue of a private natural-history collection in the early 18th century, not held by any other library in North America. Abraham Vater (1684-1751) was a German physician and professor of medicine and anatomy at the University of Wittenberg. In that connection he also...Read More
Der Conservator oder prakitische Anleitung, Naturalien aller Reiche zu sammeln, zu conserviren und fur wissenschaftliche Zwecke...Mineralien und Pflanzen versehen.

Der Conservator oder Prakitische Anleitung, Naturalien Aller Reiche zu Sammeln, zu Conserviren und fur Wissenschaftliche Zwecke

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This is a manual for collecting, preserving, and organizing natural-history specimens: specifically, the arrangement of a mineral collection, organizing a botanical collection and creating an herbarium, and the conservation of zoological exhibits. These subjects form one of the Cullman Library's...Read More
Title page of The Drama of the Oceans

The Drama of the Oceans

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While the pleasure of most coffee-table books lies in their exquisite photographs, the true delight of this book lies in Elisabeth Mann Borgese’s succinct and moving narrative. Among the brilliant, saturated photos are long essays detailing the origins, breadth, and depth of the oceans, those...Read More
Epistola de praecipuis naturae et artis curiosis speciminibus musei...

Epistola de Praecipuis Naturae et Artis Curiosis Speciminibus Musei

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The natural history rare book collection includes a growing body of publications describing, cataloging, illustrating, and/or discussing early natural history cabinets and specimen collections. They are important to scientific researchers for identifying collections and individual specimens that...Read More
Front cover of The Golden State Scientist

The Golden State Scientist

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Despite dying at only 28, Edward M. Haight (1863-1891) established a busy career as an enthusiastic naturalist, collector, taxidermist, and publisher. The Golden State Scientist is one of three serials that he edited in the late 1880s, and it is by far the scarcest. This was the only issue ever...Read More
Handbuch fur Naturaliensammler oder grundliche Anweisung die Naturkorper aller drei Reiche zu sammeln,...

Handbuch fur Naturaliensammler oder Grundliche Anweisung die Naturkorper Aller Drei Reiche zu sammeln,...

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Held by only one other library in North America, this book is a guide to collecting and preserving natural-history specimens. Thon (1792-1838) provides thorough and detailed instructions on the collecting, preparing, and stuffing of all manner of mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects, as well as...Read More
Large Marine Ecosystems: Patterns, Processes, and Yields, cover

Large Marine Ecosystems

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Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs)—a socio-biological term—are large (≥200,000 km²) regions of the world's oceans tied to coastal areas and related to “Exclusive Economic Zones” (EEZs). LMEs include the river basins and estuaries that feed into a coastal area and extend out to the continental...Read More
Life in an Air Castle tp

Life in an Air Castle

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A sequel to My Tropical Air Castle, Frank Chapman continues to record his visits to Barro Colorado Island in Lake Gatun, Panama Canal. The island, approaching 100 years of scientific experiments, could be described as the heart of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and Chapman's...Read More
Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems, title page

Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems

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“The basic premise of this book is that mathematical procedures are useful, and sometimes necessary, for the description and understanding of biological systems,” writes author Harvey J. Gold. Biological systems are among the most complex systems studied by scientists. Models are used to explain...Read More