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Bible   in Mohawk

Bible [in Mohawk]

Build and Access the Collection - $4,500
Native American languages have been a central research interest at the Smithsonian since the late 1800s when anthropologist John Wesley Powell founded the Bureau of American Ethnology and (who is he?) James C. Pilling compiled his still-authoritative bibliographies on Native American linguistic...Read More
The Gospel according to the language of the Dakotas - Wotanin waxte Markus owa kin dee

The Gospel According to the Language of the Dakotas = Wotanin Waxte Markus Owa Kin Dee

Build and Access the Collection - $8,500
This is one of the earliest and rarest works in the Dakota (Sioux) language. The text includes all sixteen chapters of the gospel of Saint Mark. It was created by having missionary Thomas Williamson read from the Book of Mark in French, which was then translated into Dakota by Joseph Renville, the...Read More
Cover of Religion in the kitchen by Elizabeth Perez

Religion in the Kitchen

Build and Access the Collection - $250
This book is a truly original and innovative look into the often unknown and complex “micropractices” of preparing sacred foods that are important religious rituals in their own right. With her in-depth anthropological study of the traditions of Lucumi (popularly known as Santeria), Elizabeth Pérez...Read More