Fine Art Editions

Fine art editions are distinguished by the high quality of materials and production.  The weight of the paper, the leather binding, the hand-sewn signatures (sheets of folded pages), and the deckled edged pages are hallmarks of high-end production.  The typefaces and the page layouts are artistically designed.  Even the colors of ink are carefully chosen.

These are limited editions; only a few copies are made.   They are usually numbered and signed by the artist and others who helped with the production.  The copy number and the edition number are expressed as a fraction.  For instance, 24/50 means the 24th copy of an edition of 50.

Collaborators in publishing fine art editions may include essayists, poets, printers, typesetters, binders, and papermakers.

Occasionally, an artist does it all, from A to Z.

Willow Legge
Guildford: Circle Press Publications, 1979
Susan Allix
London, 2003
Malcolm Payne; essays by Patricia Davison and Martin Hall
Cape Town: Axeage Private Press, 1993
Wilma Stockenström and Judith Mason
Pretoria: Ombondi Editions, 1988, 2010
Pippa Skotnes
Cape Town: Axeage Private Press, 1991