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Anweisung für Anfänger, Pflanzen zum Nutzen und Vergnügen zu sammeln und nach dem Linneischen System zu bestimmen.   AND  Anweisung Pflanzen zum Nutzen und Vergnügen zu sammeln und nach dem Linneischen System zu bestimmen.

Anweisung für Anfänger Pflanzen zum Nutzen und Vergnügen zu Sammlen AND Anweisung Pflanzen zum Nutzen und Vergnügen zu Sammeln

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Held by only one and two libraries respectively in North America, these are the 1st and 2nd editions of a work on collecting plants and preparing a herbarium following the Linnaean system. Their purchase strengthens SIL's significant collection of historical works on natural history cabinets and...Read More
Description of yellow lady slipper

Botanic Manuscript of Jane Colden 1724-1766

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Botanic Manuscript is the legacy work of Jane Colden (1724-1766), considered America’s first woman botanist when New York was still a British colony. From a young age into adulthood, Colden enjoyed botanical studies and plant collecting at her family’s estate called Coldengham near Newburgh. Her...Read More
Common plants of the mid-Atlantic coast

Common Plants of the Mid-Atlantic Coast

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With detailed and beautifully rendered illustrations opposite the description of each plant species, this synoptic book describes the fauna of a unique habitat, the mid-Atlantic coast—from Long Island to the capes of North Carolina. Plants are categorized into sections: (1) Beach, Dunes, and...Read More
Book cover of The Desert Garden

The Desert Garden

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This slim book about native plants found in the Phoenix regional area, circa 1933, was written at a time when the population of the city was just under 50,000 people. It’s a self published book with the author providing both text and simple pen and ink illustrations of the plants throughout the...Read More
Discours sur la structure des fleurs, leurs differences et l'usage de leurs parties....

Discours Sur la Structure des Fleurs, Leurs Differences et l'Usage de Leurs Parties....

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This short publication by a little-known botanist gave Linnaeus the diagnostic tools and the anatomical terminology for his sexual system of classifying plants. After studying botany under Tournefort at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, Vaillant (1669-1722) established a herbarium there and showed...Read More
Dissertatio botanico-medica de aloe Aloes

Dissertatio Botanico-Medica de Aloe

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Aloes form a genus of more than 500 species in the Asphodel family. Native to southern Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and several islands in the Indian Ocean, they have traditionally been used in herbal medicines, which is the focus of this university dissertation written by Professor Carl Peter...Read More
Dissertatio de daphne Daphnes

Dissertatio de Daphne

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Named for the water nymph in Greek myth who was turned into a laurel tree, daphnes are a genus of 50-60 species of flowering shrubs native to Asia, Europe, and north Africa. Highly scented, they are a favorite garden plant, although the berries are poisonous. They are the focus of this university...Read More
Ficus genus Fig trees

Ficus Genus [Fig Trees]

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Figs form an ancient pan-tropical genus of over 850 species of trees and shrubs that are keystone species in rainforest ecosystems. They may have been the first plant cultivated by humans and play an important role in all of the major religions of the world. They are the focus of this university...Read More
Florula ceilanica Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Florula Ceilanica

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Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) in the Indian Ocean is a biodiversity hot-spot, with over 3,000 endemic species of plants – not just native, but known only on the island. New to European science in the 1700s and 1800s, they are the focus of this university dissertation written by Professor Carl Peter...Read More
Florula javanica Java

Florula Javanica [Java]

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Java, the most populous island on Earth, also has one of the richest and most varied floras in the world. Dominated by a chain of mountains running east-west, its ecosystems range from tropical rainforests to dry savanna. This diversity of plants new to European science is the focus of this...Read More