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Handworterbuch der Mineralogie und Geognosie.

Handwörterbuch der Mineralogie und Geognosie

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Raised in one of the most important mining districts in Germany, Carl Hartmann (1796-1863) served as Commissioner of Mines in Brunswick through the 1820s and 1830s, and published more than 100 works on the subjects of mineralogy and mining. His books are important for their comprehensiveness and...Read More
Herrn Georgii Galgemairs kurtzer gründlicher gebesserter unnd vermehrter underricht

Herrn Georgii Galgemairs Kurtzer Gründlicher Gebesserter unnd Vermehrter Underricht

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Second, greatly expanded edition of a primer describing the construction & use of two instruments — a proportional compass (Circkel) and lineal compass (Schregmäß) — for the measurement of geometrical solids and lines, respectively. This 1615 edition is ninety-five pages longer than the initial...Read More
Histoire naturelle des Lepidoptères exotiques

Histoire Naturelle des Lepidoptères Exotiques

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Pierre Hippolyte Lucas (1815?-1899) began his career in science at 13 as an apprentice preparator in the zoological laboratory of the Muséum Nationale d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. He became a respected expert on several orders of invertebrates and wrote up the specimens of several important...Read More
Histoire naturelle des oiseaux de paradis et des épimaques

Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis et des Épimaques

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Ever since the surviving ship of Magellan's fleet returned to Spain in 1522 with birds of paradise, all specimens known in Europe through the 18th century were prepared and preserved by native collectors with the bones and feet removed. As a result, Linnaeus' Systema Naturae (10th ed., 1758) gave...Read More
Histoire naturelle et médicale des casses, et particulièrement de la casse et des sénés employés en médecine

Histoire Naturelle et Médicale des Casses : et Particulièrement de la Casse et des Sénés Employés en Médecine

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This is a thesis presented for a medical degree at the University of Montpelier by Louis Théodore Frédéric Colladon, a student of the renowned botanist Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle. As was common in European universities at the time, it was de Candolle who wrote the detailed descriptions and...Read More

Historic Stage Routes of San Diego County

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This is a publication that explores the history of the San Diego Jackass Mail (1857-61), named as such due to the remoteness of the service route requiring riders and mail both to travel by mule instead of stagecoach. The mail service was part of one of the most significant lines in U.S....Read More
Historical Color Guide

Historical Color Guide

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There is little to be found about Elizabeth Burris-Meyer’s life, but it is safe to assume that she was a proud aesthete. As the “Dean of the School for Fashion Careers,” Burris-Meyer published two books on color. Her Historical Color Guide draws inspiration from various historical works of art...Read More
A History of Medicine.

A History of Medicine

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This work gives a comprehensive overview and underlines analogies, correlations, and differences among social conditions, intellectual movements, political events, paradigms and beliefs in an effort to identify logical threads to navigate among the immense number of facts and data of the history of...Read More
Plate from History of the Indian tribes of North America

History of the Indian Tribes of North America

Preserve for the Future – $6,100
Part of a three-volume collection of Native American biographies and strikingly vivid portraits, this publication contains some of the finest American lithography of the 19th century. Published from 1836 to 1844, Thomas McKenney, US Superintendent of Indian Trade, wanted to preserve "in the...Read More
Title and frontispiece of volume 2 of The History of the Maroons

The History of the Maroons

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Robert Charles Dallas (1754-1824), a British writer, was born in Jamaica and returned there after an education in England and Scotland.  In the West Indies, runaway slaves who formed communities independent from white society (often with American Indians) were called “Maroons.”  Those in...Read More