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Text-wrapped illustration of a knight on horseback

The History of the Tournament in England and in France

Preserve for the Future – $850
This hidden gem of a first edition is full of rich history, not only of the chivalric contests of the Middle Ages that it analyzes, but also of the history of the Smithsonian Institution and book history. Delving into the nitty-gritty of the sport over its half-millennium history, this book...Read More
Cover of The Homes of America

The Homes of America

Preserve for the Future – $1,350
Described by the Literary World Magazine of 1880 as a “superb holiday volume” and printed on toned paper with a gold deckle edge, this volume is illustrated with engravings of many well-known, and not so well-known, American homes. Not surprisingly, it features a detailed description of the White...Read More
Photo of Houdini in the plate glass box

Houdini's Escapes

Build and Access the Collection – $300
In 1926, world-famous magician Harry Houdini died of peritonitis following a ruptured appendix. Before his death, he had planned to write several books on varied subjects, including his own career and magical secrets. Fortunately, he had discussed these ideas and shared his notes with...Read More
Title page and page 1 of the "Bartender's guide" about how to mix drinks

How to Mix Drinks

Build and Access the Collection – $3,000
Collecting and standardizing what had been until then a hodge-podge of oral traditions and regional customs, this was the first recipe book for mixed drinks published in the United States.  Jeremiah Thomas (1830-1885) was a bartender who owned various saloons in New York City and worked...Read More
Hunting monsters

Hunting Monsters

Build and Access the Collection – $250
You might be wondering why the Smithsonian Libraries would choose a book based on beasts from fantasy, but behind every myth is some truth. The family of “cryptids” includes such familiar creatures as Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, plus several other questionable beasts of land and...Read More
Cover of I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Each page of this short, beautifully illustrated book is packed with information about Black Heritage Series postage stamps. From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Frederick Douglass to Harriet Tubman to Jesse Owens, twenty-eight African American heroes are described in this book. Each chapter...Read More
Plate from Icones Lignorum Exoticorum et Nostratium Germanicorum

Icones Lignorum Exoticorum et Nostratium Germanicorum

Preserve for the Future – $1,000
This highly unusual book's title translates to: A Representation of Inland and Foreign Wood: As Well Trees as [sic] Shrubs which are Collected by the Lovers of Natural History in their Cabinets of Natural Curiosities for Use and Pleasure… Exotic and rare wood samples were often artifacts that were...Read More
Engraved plate from Icones piscium featuring three fish

Icones Piscium : Indicem Systematicum

Build and Access the Collection – $550
Frederik Christian Kielsen (1774-1850), a Danish naturalist and teacher, published his Icones in six separate parts: fishes, mammals, insects, invertebrates, birds, and amphibians.  Each has a brief text providing a Linnaean systematic classification followed by (as the title...Read More
Embossed depiction of Josiah Wedgewood on the cover of Wedgewood's Imperial Russian Dinner Service

The Imperial Russian Dinner Service

Preserve for the Future – $950
From a limited edition of 300 copies (1909), this substantial volume tells the story of the 952-piece dinner service created by legendary potter Josiah Wedgwood for Empress Catherine II of Russia. Known as the "The Frog Service," it was the most ambitious commission Wedgwood had undertaken,...Read More
Darkest Africa_tp vol 2

In Darkest Africa

Preserve for the Future – $650
Volume 2 of 2, this account of Henry M. Stanley’s adventures to “save” Emim Pasha, Governor of Equatoria (present day South Sudan), was wildly popular and published in six languages. One of the greatest feats in African travel, Stanley traveled thousands of miles in his claims to the great...Read More