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Cover of Excavations at Nebaj, Guatemala

Excavations at Nebaj, Guatemala

Preserve for the Future – $550
This beautifully illustrated monograph describes the excavation and research of an ancient Ixil Maya Indian town in a Guatemalan valley. The archeologists involved in this project describe their field work and findings with scholarly attention to detail, but also with obvious enthusiasm for their...Read More
Family education and government- a discourse in the Choctaw language.

Family Education and Government

Build and Access the Collection – $1,200
North American Indian languages have been a strong research interest at the Smithsonian Institution virtually since its founding.  SI Libraries holds about 20 published texts in Choctaw – primarily grammars, glossaries, and translations of the Bible. This work is particularly interesting in...Read More
Fauna Republicii Socialiste Romania.

Fauna Republicii Socialiste Romania

Build and Access the Collection – $250
This volume of the “Fauna of the Romanian People's Republic” is part of a larger set which covers the fauna of Romania. This volume covers the arachnids of Romania, which includes spiders, scorpions, opils, and ticks. Complete with detailed illustrations, this book serves as a helpful research...Read More
Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents

Ferrets, rabbits, and rodents

Build and Access the Collection – $300
This book details various health problems specific to small exotic mammals, as well as treatment protocols and surgical techniques that help correct the issues. It also includes other small exotic animals: sugar gliders and hedgehogs. It is beautifully illustrated with color photographs, handy...Read More
Title Page of Fifty Years in Chains

Fifty Years in Chains

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Fifty years in chains: or, the life of an American slave is an abridged and unauthorized 1858 reprint of the 1836 Slavery in the United States: a narrative of the life and adventures of Charles Ball... . As one of the earliest slave narratives, its influence on later works is a...Read More
The Fire of Life

The Fire of Life

Build and Access the Collection – $900
Focused on bioenergetics, or how organisms transform energy, this book is frequently used and important to scientists at the National Zoological Park. It also happens to be out-of-print book, and has dramatically increased in value because it is a timeless and important resource in the field of...Read More
Florula ceilanica Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Florula Ceilanica

Preserve for the Future – $350
Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) in the Indian Ocean is a biodiversity hot-spot, with over 3,000 endemic species of plants – not just native, but known only on the island. New to European science in the 1700s and 1800s, they are the focus of this university dissertation written by Professor Carl Peter...Read More
Florula javanica Java

Florula Javanica [Java]

Preserve for the Future – $350
Java, the most populous island on Earth, also has one of the richest and most varied floras in the world. Dominated by a chain of mountains running east-west, its ecosystems range from tropical rainforests to dry savanna. This diversity of plants new to European science is the focus of this...Read More
Title page of Fossilia Hantoniensia Collecta

Fossilia Hantoniensia Collecta

Build and Access the Collection – $3,100
A director of the Bank of England seems an unlikely candidate to publish on fossil shells, but Gustavus Brander (1720-1787) was very invested in his hobby. An avid fossil collector, he frequented the cliffs around Christchurch and the coast of Hampshire in pursuit of shells. Upon realizing that...Read More
Four years in a government expedition... .

Four Years in a Government Exploring Expedition

Build and Access the Collection – $2,750
Naval officer George Colvocoresses took part in the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-42, and published this account of it based on a journal which he kept. The text covers the entire itinerary of the voyage, describing the lands and peoples visited and a variety of scientific matters; the 19...Read More