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Dissertatio botanico-medica de aloe Aloes

Dissertatio Botanico-Medica de Aloe

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Aloes form a genus of more than 500 species in the Asphodel family. Native to southern Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and several islands in the Indian Ocean, they have traditionally been used in herbal medicines, which is the focus of this university dissertation written by Professor Carl Peter...Read More
Dissertatio de daphne Daphnes

Dissertatio de Daphne

Preserve for the Future – $350
Named for the water nymph in Greek myth who was turned into a laurel tree, daphnes are a genus of 50-60 species of flowering shrubs native to Asia, Europe, and north Africa. Highly scented, they are a favorite garden plant, although the berries are poisonous. They are the focus of this university...Read More
Documenta: the Paolo Solari retrospective, Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1970 exhibition catalog. Box open with select scrolls.

Documenta; The Paolo Soleri Retrospective

Preserve for the Future – $850
This mysterious 10”x10”x11” cardboard box and its contents, designed for Documenta: The Paolo Soleri Retrospective held at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in 1970, re-envisioned the concept of an exhibition catalog. Paolo Soleri (1919-2013) was an Italian architect who studied in the United States...Read More

Don Phelippe por la Gracia de Dios Rey

Preserve for the Future – $5,100
This is a brilliant example of an early 17th-century Spanish petition relating to nobility, similar in style to examples from Granada. The rank of Baron is signified by the five helmet bars in the crest on the coat of arms full-page miniature. To the left is another full-page miniature, likely of...Read More
Early Chinese Jades  - Jade

Early Chinese Jades

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So who authors an important scholarly work on early Chinese jades; maps the main prison camps in Germany and Austria during WWI; writes biographies about Anna Van Schurman, Agnes Strickland, Edgar Allan Poe, and Charles Dickens; writes first-hand accounts of talks of rebel leaders...Read More
Eine gläserne Flinte und zugleich nüzliche Bergwerksmaschiene...

Eine Gläserne Flinte und Zugleich Nüzliche Bergwerksmaschiene

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This fugitive promotional piece advertises the author's invention, a portable electric lighter, which he designed for mining and smelting but which had much broader uses. The lighter is considered in the literature of the history of science the first electric household appliance. A German pioneer...Read More
Emperor Kangxi and the Sun King Louis XIV

Emperor Kangxi and The Sun King Louis XIV

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Emperor Kangxi and King Louis XIV of France, also known as Louis the Great, were both considered among the greatest rulers of their respective countries. They have been compared politically and militarily, but few comparisons in artistic achievements have been done. Both rulers came to the...Read More
Title page of English Table Glass

English Table Glass

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Percy Bate was born in Manchester in 1868.  In addition to English Table Glass, he authored several books on portraiture and other forms of art.  He was Secretary of the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts and later Director of Aberdeen Municipal Art Gallery and Museum.  In English...Read More
Epistola de praecipuis naturae et artis curiosis speciminibus musei...

Epistola de Praecipuis Naturae et Artis Curiosis Speciminibus Musei

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The natural history rare book collection includes a growing body of publications describing, cataloging, illustrating, and/or discussing early natural history cabinets and specimen collections. They are important to scientific researchers for identifying collections and individual specimens that...Read More
Eskimo Folk-Tales

Eskimo Folk-Tales

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Published in 1921, Eskimo Folk-Tales is a collection of stories told by Greenlandic Inuit to esteemed polar explorer and anthropologist, Knud Rasmussen. Born in Greenland to a Danish father and Inuit mother, Rasmussen grew up in an Arctic Inuit community, where he learned Kalaallisut (Western...Read More