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vol 10

Deutscher Post-Almanach, v. 10

Preserve for the Future – $350
This is a series of four palm sized books written in German. Each begins with a portrait of the King of Wurttemberg, whose kingdom predates the German Empire. (The Kingdom of Württemberg existed from the end of the Napoleonic Wars, in 1805, to the end of World War I, in 1918.) The volumes in the...Read More
Die Spinnen Amerikas

Die Spinnen Amerikas

Build and Access the Collection – $8,400
The Russian Count Eugene von Keyserling (1833-1889) spent his career in the natural sciences specializing in spiders. His publications focus primarily on the spiders of North and South America, and Die Spinnen Amerikas constitutes his magnum opus, describing hundreds of species new to science. It...Read More
Silk fragments from Palmyra

Die Textilien aus Palmyra

Build and Access the Collection – $250
The ancient city of Palmyra was, for a number of centuries, an important trading center for materials transported across the Silk Road to and from many points in Asia and the Middle East. Much of our current understanding of silk in antiquity comes from the study of material from Palmyra. This...Read More
Die Versteinerungen des Steinkohlengebirges von Wettin und Lobejun im Sallkreise, bildlich dargestellt und beschreiben...

Die Versteinerungen des Steinkohlengebirges von Wettin und Lobejun im Sallkreise

Build and Access the Collection – $2,400
This book by Germar (1786-1853), a professor of mineralogy at the University of Halle and the director of its mineralogical cabinet/museum, focuses on fossils discovered in Saxony, constituting some of the earliest fossil material described in Europe. It is of considerable importance to...Read More
Dineh Bizad, Navajo, his Language title page

Dineh Bizad, Navaho, His Language

Preserve for the Future – $450
This small 4 x 6 inch handbook written by Presbyterian missionary Frederick G Mitchel is  “ . .  the fruit of a sincere desire to help those who seek a working knowledge of the Navaho language.”   It includes an alphabet with English sound words, conjugated verbs, an English-...Read More
Discours sur la structure des fleurs, leurs differences et l'usage de leurs parties....

Discours Sur la Structure des Fleurs, Leurs Differences et l'Usage de Leurs Parties....

Build and Access the Collection – $4,125
This short publication by a little-known botanist gave Linnaeus the diagnostic tools and the anatomical terminology for his sexual system of classifying plants. After studying botany under Tournefort at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, Vaillant (1669-1722) established a herbarium there and showed...Read More
Inside Diseases and Enemies of Poultry

Diseases and Enemies of Poultry

Build and Access the Collection – $250
While he graduated with a degree in agriculture at Cornell, it was summer work on combating contagious diseases in cattle that led to Dr. Leonard Pearson’s (1868-1909) interest in veterinary medicine. Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary school, Dr. Pearson continued his...Read More
Documenta: the Paolo Solari retrospective, Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1970 exhibition catalog. Box open with select scrolls.

Documenta; The Paolo Soleri Retrospective

Preserve for the Future – $850
This mysterious 10”x10”x11” cardboard box and its contents, designed for Documenta: The Paolo Soleri Retrospective held at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in 1970, re-envisioned the concept of an exhibition catalog. Paolo Soleri (1919-2013) was an Italian architect who studied in the United States...Read More

Don Phelippe por la Gracia de Dios Rey

Preserve for the Future – $5,100
This is a brilliant example of an early 17th-century Spanish petition relating to nobility, similar in style to examples from Granada. The rank of Baron is signified by the five helmet bars in the crest on the coat of arms full-page miniature. To the left is another full-page miniature, likely of...Read More
Portrait of Dr. Chase

Dr. Chase's Recipes, or, Information for Everybody

Build and Access the Collection – $350
Alvin Wood Chase (1817-1885) was a travelling physician, salesman, author, and self-made man. He dispensed remedies all over America during the late nineteenth century, collecting recipes and domestic tips from the people he met along the way. His self-published books became celebrated U.S....Read More