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Title page for Curiousits de Paris...vol.1

Curiosités de Paris

Preserve for the Future – $900
This is volume one of a three volume first edition series written and illustrated by Georges-Louis Le Rouge that describe monuments, buildings, and other ‘curiosities’ in and around Paris, Versailles, Marly, Vincennes, and Saint Cloud. They were published in 1771. This volume has 19...Read More
Iznik Tiles and Ceramics in the Sadberk Hanim Museum and Omer M. Koc Collections

Dance of Fire

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Tiles and ceramics produced in Iznik between the 15th and 17th centuries represent a significant artistic achievement for Turkey. Tiles were frequently used as decoration in Turkish Seljuk period (1071-1243 AD) architecture for important public buildings. Beginning with the Ottomans in...Read More
Cover of the book Dandy Lion showing a man in a vivid abstract suit sitting on a box covered in a checkerboard pattern

Dandy Lion

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Shantrelle Lewis is a curator and researcher specializing in African diaspora style aesthetics. Her book Dandy Lion: the Black Dandy and Street Style is a follow-up to a highly acclaimed traveling exhibition by the same name curated by Lewis. Black dandyism has its roots in the Enlightenment period...Read More
Garden design diagrams

Das Heidelberger Schloss und Seine Garten in Alter und Neuer Zeit, und der Schlossgarten zu Schwetzingen

Preserve for the Future – $550
This rare history and illustrated guide to two German Baroque gardens, the title of which translates to: The Heidelberg Castle and its Gardens in Old and New Times, and the Castle Garden to Schwetzingen, was written by Hermann Robert Jung. Jung was a landscape architect and...Read More
De infinitis infinitorum, et infinite parvorum ordinibus disquisitio geometrica

De Infinitis Infinitorum, et Infinite Parvorum Ordinibus Disquisitio Geometrica

Build and Access the Collection – $3,000
Bound with: Grandi, Guido. Prostasis ad exceptiones Cl. Varignonii libro de infinitis infinitorum ordinibus oppositas... Pisis : Ex typographia Francisci Bindi..., 1713. Grandi, Guido. Dialoghi del p.m. Grandi Camaldolese teologo, e matematico dell'Altezza Reale di Toscana... In Lucca : Ad...Read More
De natura et veritate methodi fluxionum...

De Natura et Veritate Methodi Fluxionum

Build and Access the Collection – $700
A scarce copy of Daniel Melander's (1726-1810) dissertation on the rival claims and speculations that led to a concrete understanding of the nature and beauty of calculus. Melander was a student at Uppsala and later became lecturer in physics and professor of astronomy. In 1782 he moved to...Read More
De Paris à Samarkand, le Ferghanah, le Kouldja et la Sibérie occidentale: impressions de voyage d’une Parisienne / par Mme. de U

De Paris a Samarkand

Build and Access the Collection – $395
A travelogue written of Marie de Ujfalvy-Bourdon, De Paris à Samarkand, was published in 1880. Marie de Ujfalvy-Bourdon (1845- 19?? ) traveled with her husband, Károly Jenő Ujfalvy de Mezőkövesd (16 May 1842 – 31 January 1904) who was a noted ethnographic researcher and linguist of Central Asia and...Read More
Adrian Piper, Decide Who You Are cover

Decide Who You Are

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Philosopher and conceptual artist Adrian Piper, known for her photography, installations, and performances, is one of the most influential artists of our time. Decide Who You Are: Texts is a book of poems about power, race, privilege, and inequality. The book accompanies Piper’s 1992 photo-text...Read More
Der Conservator oder prakitische Anleitung, Naturalien aller Reiche zu sammeln, zu conserviren und fur wissenschaftliche Zwecke...Mineralien und Pflanzen versehen.

Der Conservator oder Prakitische Anleitung, Naturalien Aller Reiche zu Sammeln, zu Conserviren und fur Wissenschaftliche Zwecke

Build and Access the Collection – $1,450
This is a manual for collecting, preserving, and organizing natural-history specimens: specifically, the arrangement of a mineral collection, organizing a botanical collection and creating an herbarium, and the conservation of zoological exhibits. These subjects form one of the Cullman Library's...Read More
A descriptive catalogue of the marine reptiles of the Oxford clay

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Marine Reptiles of the Oxford Clay, Pt 1

Preserve for the Future – $600
This volume, part one of two, was given to the Smithsonian in 1910 right after it was printed by the Board of Trustees of the British Museum. Inside the front cover of each of the two books is a plate stating that it was “Presented by the Trustees of The British Museum” and that it is “No. 23...Read More