Adopt-a-Book: Food-Drink

Title Page of American Entomology

American Entomology

Adoption Amount: $1,600
Thomas Say (1787-1834) was a self-taught naturalist who has come to be considered the Father of American Entomology.  In 1812 he became one of the founding/charter members of the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia and actually lived at the Academy and tended its small museum for several years.  He also began publishing this book – part 1 came out in 1817 – but his participation in several scientific expeditions delayed its completion until later in the 1820s.  In this and other works he described and named over 1400 species of insects (especially beetles). Read More
Codex Nutall title page

Codex Nuttall

Adoption Amount: $550
This 1902 facsimile is one of a small number of codices of native pictography from Mexico dating to pre-Hispanic times.  The original is a screenfold manuscript comprised of 47 leaves of deer skin now in the British Museum.  It uses a kind of picture writing to relate two narratives.  One side of the screenfold tells the history of important Mixtec centers.  The other side, starting at the opposite end, records the genealogy, marriages, and military and political accomplishments of the Mixtec ruler, Eight Deer.  Also included is one of the earliest portrayals of the sacred drink xocotatl... Read More
Cover of Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., millers of rice since 1902

Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., Millers of Rice Since 1902

Adoption Amount: $350
This promotional recipe booklet is a striking adverstisment for White House Cereals.  Most likely published in the late 1930's, the front cover is fashioned as a 3-D commercial food carton while the back cover displays their full product line.  Bright yellow and die-cut, this booklet was intended as an eye-catching calling card.  Die-cutting dates back to the Victorian era when industrial machines could mass-produce and print the same attractive shapes over and over again, like the celebrated Victorian-era Valentines.  The recipes within "contributed by both domestice science experts and... Read More
The Crayfishes of Ohio

The Crayfishes of Ohio

Adoption Amount: $250
Published in 1926, Clarence Lester Turner’s (1890-1969) The Crayfishes of Ohio serves both as an introduction to the species and a survey of the various species of crayfish found in the Ohio region. A professor of zoology at Northwestern University, Turner also served as an investigator for Ohio State Division of Fish and Game and a biologist for the Wisconsin State Board of Health. Read More
Title page of English Table Glass

English Table Glass

Adoption Amount: $500
Percy Bate was born in Manchester in 1868.  In addition to English Table Glass, he authored several books on portraiture and other forms of art.  He was Secretary of the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts and later Director of Aberdeen Municipal Art Gallery and Museum.  In English Table Glass, he uses photographs and descriptions to highlight many examples from spirit glasses to candlesticks.  Bate covers table glass from the 16th through the 18th century, but some of his advice—such as how to identify fakes—applies to researchers and collectors today. This volume can help... Read More
Eskimo cook book cover page

Eskimo Cook Book

Adoption Amount: $400
This 1952 cookbook began in an Inupiaq village just 20 miles south of the Arctic Circle as part of an elementary school classroom discussion of locally available native foods for good health.  The teacher’s request for each student to “bring in a recipe or little story of how mother cooked the meat, fish, or other foods used”  resulted in this booklet. Recipes share instructions on preparing indigenous plants and wildlife, from stink weed to polar bear and whale. Learn more about this cookbook and its contributors at the website: Read More
Ficus genus Fig trees

Ficus Genus [Fig Trees]

Adoption Amount: $350
Figs form an ancient pan-tropical genus of over 850 species of trees and shrubs that are keystone species in rainforest ecosystems. They may have been the first plant cultivated by humans and play an important role in all of the major religions of the world. They are the focus of this university dissertation written by Professor Carl Peter Thunberg. In 18th- and 19th-century Europe, professors wrote the dissertations; the student’s job was to explicate and defend it and pay for its publication. SIL holds dozens of these botanical and zoological papers by the great systematist Carl von Linné (... Read More
Title page of The Grapes of New York

The Grapes of New York

Adoption Amount: $550
U. P. Hedrick was a horticulturist at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York in 1905 when he began writing the first of many monographs of fruit cultivars that could be grown in New York State.  The Grapes of New York is the first of his many works. The Smithsonian Libraries' Botany and Horticulture Library holds all of his works in print.  The works were classic references on the fruit cultivars of the period. These volumes are much sought after by pomologists and fruit enthusiasts for their detailed descriptions and beautiful artwork. Read More
Title page and page 1 of the "Bartender's guide" about how to mix drinks

How to Mix Drinks

Adoption Amount: $3,000
Collecting and standardizing what had been until then a hodge-podge of oral traditions and regional customs, this was the first recipe book for mixed drinks published in the United States.  Jeremiah Thomas (1830-1885) was a bartender who owned various saloons in New York City and worked in others in California (during the Gold Rush), St. Louis, Chicago, Charleston, and New Orleans.  In this first edition of his book he established the recipes for popular cocktails of the day, including fizzes, flips, sours, punches, and many others; later editions provided the first written recipes for the... Read More
Embossed depiction of Josiah Wedgewood on the cover of Wedgewood's Imperial Russian Dinner Service

The Imperial Russian Dinner Service

Adoption Amount: $950
From a limited edition of 300 copies (1909), this substantial volume tells the story of the 952-piece dinner service created by legendary potter Josiah Wedgwood for Empress Catherine II of Russia. Known as the "The Frog Service," it was the most ambitious commission Wedgwood had undertaken, and required more than 1,200 illustrations of English manor houses. The text is interspersed with monochrome plates showing individual pieces, remarkable not only for their craftsmanship and notoriety but also for their detailed depictions of many 18th century English buildings and scenes now absent from... Read More
Cover of Iroquois Foods and Food Preparation

Iroquois Foods and Food Preparation

Adoption Amount: $450
This is one of earliest ethnographic publications on the entirety of Iroquois, or more aptly Haudenosaunee, food ways such as cultivation, preparation and preservation, utensils and materials, recipes, and the social or ceremonial customs surrounding food and sustenance. The ‘author’ Frederick W. Waugh gathered substantial traditional knowledge from a number Haudenosaunee informants from the Six Nations Reserve in New York, and New York, and Canada. In addition to material culture, Iroquois Foods and Food Preparation contains valuable linguistic and medicinal information useful for... Read More
Photo of vases from Josiah Wedgwood and His Pottery

Josiah Wedgwood and His Pottery

Adoption Amount: $1,050
This volume includes biographical information on Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795) as well as a history of the Wedgwood Pottery and its wares. Wedgwood started producing pottery in about 1759 and is credited with the industrialization of pottery manufacturing. His unique glazes, including the classic jasper, distinguished his pottery from others of the period. Wedgwood pottery became popular not only in England but throughout Europe and America. The author of this volume worked as a chemist at Wedgwood for five years and his passion for the company and its pottery comes through in his writing.... Read More
Lienzo de Tlaxcala (1939 reproduction) cover page

Lienzo de Tlaxcala

Adoption Amount: $1,300
This 1939 reproduction of a Tlaxcala codex was originally developed in the 16th century. The Lienzo de Tlaxcala uses detailed drawings to depict the time of contact and conflict between Hernando Cortez and various people groups in and around the Tlaxcala region of Mexico. The Lienzo de Tlaxcala is comprised of images with accompanying headings in Nahuatl and captions in Spanish.  This quarto-sized reproduction includes a forward explaining the rich history of the Lienzo de Tlaxcala, from the missing 16th century original to the various iterations throughout Mexican... Read More
Cover of Mattioli's Krauter-Buch

Neu Vollkommenes Krauter-Buch

Adoption Amount: $1,500
Pietro Mattioli (1501-1577), a physician and botanist, first published his commentaries on the classic work on medical botany from antiquity – Dioscorides’ De materia medica – in 1544 in Italian.  He identified the plants that the ancient Greek had discussed as being medically useful and added dozens of new ones known from other parts of Europe.  Mattioli’s work was quickly translated into numerous European languages and re-published for more than a century as the standard text on the subject.  This edition – in German, dated 1678 – is evidence of the work’s enduring value.  This... Read More
Noted Porcelains of Successive Dynasties

Noted Porcelains of Successive Dynasties

Adoption Amount: $9,000
This color illustrated porcelain catalogue of Chinese culinary objects was compiled by the famous Ming art collector Xiang Yuanbian (1525-1590).  He was the first Chinese scholar to compile a catalogue of porcelains with colored illustrations.  The manuscript was not published during Xiang’s lifetime.  It was eventually acquired by the British scholar S.W. Bushell (1844-1908) who took it to London where it was lost in a fire.  Fortunately copies of it had previously been made in China.  John C. Ferguson (1866-1945) studied one of them, translated it into English and annotated the text.  This... Read More
Cover of La Nouvelle Cuisine

La Nouvelle Cuisine

Adoption Amount: $1,300
An early edition of the first treaty of gastronomy by Menon. The title of this volume translates to: New treaty of the kitchen, with new designs for tables and twenty-four menus. The book contains 24 menus and about a thousand recipes, and is illustrated with 12 boards representing oval, rectangular, and horseshoe table plans for 14 to 80 seats with ornate centerpieces, jars oille, girandoles , etc., and other tables and their instructions for their precise decoration. Read More
Cover, On Booze.

On Booze

Adoption Amount: $2,000
A fitting collaboration for two fixtures of San Francisco’s Beat scene, On Booze is a collection of poems on individual spirits and cocktails accompanied by line drawings of faces. This limited first edition volume from 1975 is signed by the artist, Knute Stiles (1923-2009); a Black Mountain College painter, art critic, and bartender at legendary Beat Generation hangout and performance space "The Place." Composer Jack Goodwin (1920-1991) best known for his satirical Beat opera The Pizza Pusher, “has illustrated these drawings with his poems.” Printed on multicolored pages,... Read More
Cover of Pig Tails, showing traditional Caribbean produce.

Pig Tails 'n Breadfruit

Adoption Amount: $250
This book is roughly the size of your hand, but bubbling over with delicious recipes. Although there are no illustrations, the author uses words to paint a picture of mouth watering dishes from Barbados (British Caribbean island). In seventeen chapters and over 200 pages, the author shares her memoire, and shares recipes that are important to her personally. The recipes are not in the list template commonly found in cookbooks; they are creatively tucked inside the paragraphs and woven into her life story. The author introduces native cuisine including ham hocks, pig tails, cou-cou, king fish... Read More
Dinner plate patterns from Le Grand Depot

Porcelaines, Faiences & Cristaux

Adoption Amount: $750
A rare trade catalogue from the Paris firm of Le Grand Dépot, a manufacturer of porcelains, faience ceramics, and glassware, contains images and sale information for a variety of tablewares in many popular patterns. The catalogue, complete with more than 100 pages of illustrated designs, is a good resource for contemporary decorative patterns for glass and plates catering to the Victorian tastes of the time. This catalog is a fine example of a high-end marketing tool that both retailers and manufacturers employed for local and international sales. Read More
Cover of Religion in the kitchen by Elizabeth Perez

Religion in the Kitchen

Adoption Amount: $250
This book is a truly original and innovative look into the often unknown and complex “micropractices” of preparing sacred foods that are important religious rituals in their own right. With her in-depth anthropological study of the traditions of Lucumi (popularly known as Santeria), Elizabeth Perez uncovers behind-the-scenes secrets of the preparation that goes on in kitchens around the world, usually at the hands of women and gay men, to ensure that food is prepared according to tradition and to truly “please the gods.” Read More
Reports on the crab and lobster fisheries of England and Wales...

Reports on the Crab and Lobster Fisheries of England and Wales ... of Scotland ... and of Ireland

Adoption Amount: $450
Written by Francis Trevelyan Buckland (1826 – 1880) and Sir Spencer Walpole KCB (1839 – 1907) in 1877, Report on the Crab and Lobster Fisheries of England and Wales, of Scotland, and of Ireland serves as an excellent historical survey of individuals who made their living catching both lobsters and crabs in waters around the United Kingdom. Over the course of their inquiry, the authors (who were historians in their own rights) interviewed fishermen to learn about their habits and routines—all in an effort to capture statistics and determine the standard process by which lobsters and... Read More
Cover of The Royal No. 10 cook book

The Royal No.10 Cook Book

Adoption Amount: $550
The Adath Joseph Sisterhood of St. Joseph, Missouri was a Jewish Ladies Auxilary in the nation's breadbasket.  This recipe compilation is undated, but based on the Arts & Crafts design on the cover, printing fonts, and presence of vintage Schlitz and Budweiser beer ads, we can assume The Royal No. 10 Cook Book was published in the second decade of the 20th century, predating the Prohibition era.  In lieu of an introduction to their collection of recipes, we are given a moral:  "Use ours with safety, as they have all been tried and tested."  Based on the condition of this tome,... Read More
Cover of "Trophic relationships in the marine environment"

Trophic Relationships in the Marine Environment

Adoption Amount: $250
All living things need energy to survive and thrive. Ultimately, all food energy starts with the sun (or, rarely, deep sea hydrothermal vents). Plants make their own food, through photosynthesis, from the energy of the sun. Things eat plants, and other things eat the things that eat the plants. And so on. Biologists call these relationships “Food Chains.” And when they are examining the more complex relationships that generally exist around who eats what, “Food Webs.” And since biologists, like most professionals, have their own lingo, there is an important —if obscure to outsiders—concept... Read More